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Gouger Street

Gouger Street is right next to the Central Market and hosts restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world including French, Argentinean, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai. Chinatown is also here, where there are loads of restaurants for you to choose from.

The buzz of the adjoining Adelaide Central Market permeates Gouger Street, making the strip a colourful hive of activity, with a distinct Asian flavour. Asian cuisine certainly rules the roost, with restaurants serving up the likes of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian and Indian fare, leaving room for just a handful of other cuisines, including French and Argentinean. Seafood cafes are also popular here.

The Asian feel is also evident in the number of banks displaying both Asian and English language signs on their windows, as well as the number of locals flicking through Asian-language newspapers while sipping green tea.

Gouger Street also inhabits the entrance to Chinatown, marked by two imposing white concrete lions and fire engine red posts. Inside, the mini-town is a maze of Oriental-style restaurants and shops.

Gouger Street, Adelaide CBD, SA, AU

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